Our Process

Each client and project are unique, therefore our process for your needs would be considered and discussed.

Most projects, however, follow these guidelines:

Step 1 – Meet and Greet

The design process begins with a free consultation, at your property or at our office, to see if we can fulfill your needs and if the project would be a good fit with our talents and experience. If asked to proceed, we would develop a design Proposal / Contract tailored for your project and the specific needs that it may require. Our services are based on hourly fees and our contract specifically outlines each phase of the project and the estimated amount of time it would take for us to complete each phase of the process.

Step 2 – Design the Project

Over the years we have developed a process in which we break down our services into Phases. This process allows us to efficiently move forward while ensuring that we do not design a product that, for some reason, cannot be built as desired.

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Research Phase

Defining possibilities and limitations for the project.

We would meet with the proper officials, including the local Code Enforcement office, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, State Fire Marshal, etc. as necessary to clearly identify the relevant codes and restrictions of the project.


Design Development

We will work with you to help define a clear wish list for your project. We then use this wish list, along with all the information learned from the Research Phase, to work with you to develop a design that satisfies the goals of your project. This is a collaborative process in which we would develop a plan for the site, floor plans, elevations and any diagrams necessary to meet the regulations required of the project. Once the design meets your approval, we would then meet with the relevant officials to ensure that the design to date complies with all the regulations.

At this time, if necessary, we would seek approvals from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Department of Transportation (DOT), Town Planning and Zoning Boards, lending institutions, etc. to ensure that your design is acceptable to all relevant parties. We would fill out all of the paperwork as your Agent and attend all of the meetings on your behalf.


Construction Documents

Once the design and approach have been approved by you and the proper officials, we would develop the “nuts and bolts” plans to make it real. We develop full drawing packages that typically include:

  • Diagrams that show compliance with relevant regulations
  • Detailed civil plans (if required) that show the location of the structure, septic system, driveways, drainage, parking requirements, etc.
  • Fully detailed architectural plans that include all relevant components of the structure.
  • Fully detailed structural plans including the foundation up to the peak of the roof.

For commercial projects we assist in the permitting process from the State Fire Marshal’s office, including filling out the paperwork and attending all meetings on your behalf. We would then work with the local Fire Department and Code Enforcement Office as required, to ensure that all approvals and permits are in place.

Once the design process is complete we can assist in the bidding process, selection of a builder, and in the negotiations of a construction contract.

Step 3 – Construction

Residential Projects typically include an on-site meeting with the Owner and the Builder to ensure that the goals and details of the project are understood. We are then available, as needed, throughout the construction process.

Commercial Projects typically require more of our involvement depending on the complexity and nature of the project. We can provide any level of Construction Administration that the project requires.