For commercial projects we assist in the permitting process from the State Fire Marshall's office, including filling out the paperwork and attending all meetings on your behalf. We would then work with the local Fire Department and Code Enforcement Office, if required, to ensure that all approvals and permits are in place.
Once the design process is complete we can assist in the bidding process, election of a builder, and in the negotiations of a construction contract.

The design process begins with a free consultation, at your property or at our office, to see if we can fulfill your needs and if the project would be a good fit with our talents and experience.  If asked to proceed, we would develop a design contract tailored for your project and the specific needs that it may require.  Our services are based on hourly fees and our contract specifically outlines each phase of the project and the estimated amount of time it would take for us to complete each phase.  Our contracts are simple and straightforward and allow the client to terminate the process at any time for any reason.

Our services will guide you through the following process:
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